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I received this question in the form of a youtube comment on a video I posted at HueManJason about Color Oops and the results expected. Here is Tennischick5551’s commenter crisis:

Hey Jason!

So I dyed my hair black with a semi-permanent dye in September and it said it comes out in 28 washes but…they lied. I still have it and it’s mid-November!! It is still pitch black! My natural hair color is a dirty blonde–if I use Color Oops, will it make my hair dirty blonde again or if it will come out orange??? I’m at boarding school and I really don’t want to go home at Thanksgiving with black hair! My mom’ll freak!! So please HELP!!!! Thanks!!! 🙂

Hi Tennischick5551!

There are a couple of really great points here Tennischick551! The first thing I want all of you kitchen beauticians to please remember is the two level rule. If you are expecting the results described on the packaging (here the promise of washing out in 28 shampoos) you can only change your color two levels lighter or two levels darker than your starting color (that means if you describe your color as a dirty blonde, I would guess that means around a medium ash blonde, it is recommended that you only color as dark as light brown). When you follow this rule, you will have results closer to those listed on the packaging.

For the Color Oops question….hmmmm. I don’t know. Hahahah – sorry if that isn’t very helpful but I have only experimented with the product twice and one of the times is in my video. I would guess that your concern is correct. When hair is colored darker, there is oftentimes a lot of red and orange in the base color to make sure the end result doesn’t come out too ashy. When the black or dark brown colors are removed, it exposes the red and orange left in the hair. If I were in your situation, I would try the Color Oops and let it lighten to the level of lightness your original color was (remember to only apply the product from the line of demarcation to the ends and you may need to apply more than once). If after you lighten the color, it is orange you can follow up with a demi permanent color (like Natural Instincts) in a medium ash blonde. That will neutralize the orange and leave your hair in a neutral to golden blonde.

I would love to see a before and after!!! Shoot me an email so I can see the results–very exciting. LMK!


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