Come Fly With Me


This Saturday morning I’m flying to Denver, returning on the red-eye Sunday night. Monday through Wednesday I’m packing dinners, events, and work in before getting on a plane for Sundance. Sunday it’s another red-eye back to New York. I just know that these impending flights, in conjunction with skiing, snowboarding, hot tubs, and hot parties, are going to leave my skin looking less than fabulous. Thankfully Dr. Perricone‘s post Taking Flight on his new Huffington Post blog has exactly the advice that I need.

To keep inflammation and puffiness down, Dr. Perricone suggests:

-Take a high quality omega 3’s essential fatty acid fish oil supplement. These are natural anti-inflammatories and you should take 3 capsules twice a day the day before the flight, the day of the flight and the day following the flight.

-Avoid salty foods and alcohol the day that you’re flying and instead snack on: unsalted nuts, all natural sliced turkey or chicken, omega 3 hard boiled eggs, cantaloupe, and plain yogurt.

-Apply topical anti-oxidants containing DMAE to prevent water retention and puffiness in face, eyes, and hands. Try Dr. Perricone’s own Solar Protection Defense wtih DMAE.

-Take Pycnogenol, which has been shown to reduce jetlag by nearly 50 percent, because it’s hard to look rested when you can’t sleep!

– He says, relax: “It’s not every day that we have a legitimate excuse to have our head in the clouds.” I say, four flights of phone-text-bbm-email-face-twitter free time seems almost overwhelming. What shall I do with myself? Suggestions?

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