The Colors of 2011: From Pink Hair to Purple Lids

Rachel Adler
The Colors of 2011: From Pink Hair to Purple Lids
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A lot has happened this year color-wise — we’ve gone through a crazy dip dye hair phase, some bright neon colors that you never imagined you’d find in hair actually spotted in hair, and a reemergence of nail art (and overall nail creativity). While some of these trends have been a passing phase (thank goodness), some of them have stuck around — for good or for bad.

Above we take you through the color highlights of 2011. Relive the bright moments (pun intended) and the more, well neutral moments with us.

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Katy Perry took us on a hair color journey this year, as we followed in her process of getting to this bright pink color. Although it was "fun" while it lasted, we're happy with her new blonde/pink bob that she's settled on, for now.

Neutral makeup isn't anything new, but we were a bit overwhelmed by them this year. Between nude nails and celebs constantly rocking a nude lip, it became a red carpet staple.

Red hair came back with a vengence this year, with celebs such as Drew Barrymore, Blake Lively (strawberry anyone?) and Demi Lovato all going the red route. Emma Stone also went back to her striking red color that we've grown to love.

Gaga is pretty well-known for being a color chameleon, but lately she has been a bit au natural with her long, platinum locks.

Ombre wasn't just a trend for hair, we also saw it show up on nails as well. Lauren Conrad rocked the trend with varying shades of blue polish.

Purple was a huge hit on eyes this year, taking the smokey eye up a notch.

Instead of the usual red lip (which we will always have) many celebs rocked the fuchsia lip at red carpet events.

Dip dye took the beauty world by storm this year, with celebs opting for bright shades or simple blondes and browns.

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