Colored Hair for Spring: Real Women Weigh In on the Trend

Rachel Adler

One of the most talked about trends from the Spring 2010 shows was seen on the heads of models at Proenza Schouler’s and Chanel Couture’s runways. Proenza’s surfer-inspired look rebelled against Karl Lagerfeld‘s prim ladies, but they all had one thing in common– colored hair streaks.

We’ve already seen this trend take to the streets– Kate Moss added grey streaks to her blond locks for the launch of her Longchamp line, and Ashley Olsen turned up at the Tim Burton tribute at the MoMA with blue and green hues in her hair. We polled our Facebook Fans to see if they would ever dare to try this bold trend– as we suspected, 71 percent said no, with just a brave few declaring yes. Below, we show you a few easy, and temporary ways to try the trend.

Blonde, red, or brown streaks:
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If you want to try the trend but you’re a little timid, the best way to go is with streaks that complement your hair color (like Ri Ri, who is often seen with bold blond highlights). If you have brown hair, try a red streak; if you have blond hair, go for a chocolate streak; and if you have red hair, you can opt for either brown or blond. To get the look, use a temporary highlighter or root-touch up pen like the Oscar Blandi Pronto Colore Root Touch Up & Highlighting Pen. Hold strands away from your head and slide the pen from the roots to the tips– wait until your hair dries to do the bottom edges. No need to always be bold– it will wash out with your next shampoo.

Grey highlights
89914 1269018850 Colored Hair for Spring: Real Women Weigh In on the Trend
For a slightly different look, and a color that is very in vogue right now, you can mimic everyone’s favorite blogger, Tavi– and add a bit of grey to your strands. To just add a few streaks in, try Streaks ‘N Tips Temporary Highlight Spray in Platinum. Since it is a spray, you’ll want to pull your strands straight out from your head to spray the color over each section. If you’d like to go for Kate Moss’ look and centralize the grey at your roots, use an old towel to cover the side of your head where most of your hair falls, and spray the bottle directly along your part.

Daring, bold colors:

89912 1269018848 Colored Hair for Spring: Real Women Weigh In on the Trend
And for those of you who are daring enough to go all out in bright blues, greens, and purples– we’re proud of you. Again, ease into it with something temporary like Streekers— a non-permanent hair color with eight different shade choices. The product is applied with what looks like a lipgloss wand, and rinses off after just one shampoo. You can even take after Ashley Olsen and try multiple colors all at once.

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