Colored Hair: Get Inspired to Color Outside the Lines

Colored Hair: Get Inspired to Color Outside the Lines
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In recent years, hair color has become a kind of stylish accessory, like a statement shoe or a fuchsia lipstick. Instead of settling into a colorist’s chair and getting excited by natural-looking blonde and brunette tones, girls are increasingly opting for strands dyed every color of the rainbow—from subtle highlights of rose gold to bursts of bright purple hues—following in the footsteps of trendsetters like models Charlotte Free and Chloe Norgaard.

After an obsession with vivid dip-dye and bright ombre, we’re now trending towards softer, pastel hues, rendered in playful combinations that stress individuality over trendiness.

To make a real color statement, we recruited colorist Zoe Wiepert of Bumble and Bumble salon, who knows how to innovate when it comes to color combinations. Her recommendation for those looking to try the colored hair look: bring a picture that inspires you when you go to see your colorist. Plus, remember that, when playing with a variety of colors, you never have to make a choice that’s permanent—you can always try a color for a night with hair chalks and sprays that rinse out, letting yourself simply test the waters of your wild side.

Get inspired by this eye-catching feature, in which we push the color boundaries at Cynthia Rowley’s Curious Candy and we show you just how far you can color outside of the lines.

Plus: Be sure to check out our behind-the-scenes video of the colored hair shoot and get Wiepert’s take on how you can make the trend your own!

Photographer: Meghan McGarry
Colorist: Zoe Wiepert, Bumble and bumble
Hairstylist: Johnny Haeger, Bumble and bumble
Makeup Artist: Sarah Appleby using Jurlique
Stylist: Ann Brady
Models: Anastasia Eremenko and Nadine Naue for Q Management Inc.
Location: Curious Candy by Cynthia Rowley

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