8 Colored Eyeshadow Looks You’ll Want to Copy Immediately

Michelle Grossman
8 Colored Eyeshadow Looks You’ll Want to Copy Immediately
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When it comes to eyeshadow, stepping out of our comfort zone can be kind of scary. We tend to recreate the same looks on a day-to-day basis, often sticking with neutral shades. But, everyone could use a little color in their life, right? It seems the runway makeup artists agree with us, since all we’ve been seeing strutting down the runway are lids and lash lines loaded with color.

If you’re weary about popping some color into your crease, put your fears to rest. After you check out our favorite colorful eye looks from the runway above, we’re certain you’ll be rushing out of the door to pick up Urban Decay’s Electric Palette to create your own look.

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Put a twist on your traditional smokey eye by adding some purple to it!

Photo: Antonello Trio

This green eye makeup look is everything. Even though the color gets more intesnse towards the outer corners,  the look remains soft.


Think pink is just for your lips and cheeks? Guess again! Lightly dust a rosey shadow on your lid and lower lash line for this pretty look.

Photo: Davide Gallizio/IMAXTREE.COM

How gorgeous is this color? For a dramatic, more realistic take on this look, use teal shadow from your top lash line up to your crease and blend. 


If you're still a little unsure about rocking colorful eyes, this is your perfect starting point. A burnt orange shade like this is the perfect way to incorporate some color without going over the top. 

Photo: Antonello Trio/IMAXTREE.COM

This copper makeup look is perfect for fall, and for all of you ladies who like to take risks with your look. For a more approachable take on this, don't go all the way up to the brow bone, but just a little bit past the crease, and extend the color outward. 

Photo: AntonelloTrio/IMAXTREE.com

Feeling blue never looked so good! Place an icy blue from the inner corner to mideye, then smoke out the outer corner with a navy shadow.

Photo: Antonello Trio

If you want to make your eyes pop, this is the way to do it -- burgundy eyeshadow for the win.

Photo: Davide Gallizio/Imaxtree.com

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