Celebrate Cinco De Mayo In Style

Lauren LeVine

If you’re one of many Americans planning on hitting up a bar with friends on Cinco de Mayo with margaritas, chips and guacamole (yum), make sure you’re prepared for the long day of celebrating. It’s going to be warmer than it was on St. Patrick’s Day, so think fun, casual hairstyles—and don’t overdo the makeup!

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Fiesta Hairstyles

Even though it’s May, not all bars and restaurants have turned on their air conditioner for the summer. To avoid sweating and limp locks, go for a hairstyle that allow your hair to be up (or easily tied up with a spare elastic) and natural but frizz-free. These 10 bar-hopping hairstyles are the perfect way to celebrate while looking cute all day. Don’t forget the anti-frizz serum!

Top 10 Bar-Hopping Hairstyles!

Cinco de Mayo Makeup
This is not the time for a smoky eye. When you’re heading out in the daytime (and plan to stay way after the sun goes down), you want makeup that will stay in place and not overwhelm anyone who sees you in direct sunlight. Cinco de Mayo fiestas are the perfect time to try out one of the hottest spring makeup trends: bright eyeshadow or eyeliner. From yellow eyeliner to purple eyeshadow, celebrities including Rachel McAdams and Nicole Richie have been making their peepers pop this season with saturated colors.

10 Gorgeous Bright Eye Colors To Try

The Day After
Unfortunately, the fifth of May falls on a Thursday this year, which means you still have to make it into work on Friday (calling in sick on May 6th is so transparent). If you wake up tomorrow morning feeling a little worse for the wear, these 10 hangover helpers will help you fake a good night’s sleep!

10 Hangover Helpers

Try on bar-hopping hairstyles in the Makeover Studio!

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