Ciaté Caviar Nail Polish Kit Is Restocked At Sephora!

Amanda Elser

The latest coveted nail art trend, it seems like everyone these days wants a caviar manicure. And while this trend is easy enough to get at home (all you need are beads and wet nail polish), nail polish brand Ciaté created the Caviar Manicure Nail kit for those who want the look without the DIY fuss. The caviar nail polish kit has only been out for a few months, but has already made a serious splash in the UK and when it went on sale yesterday at Sephora it sold out in a few hours. Ciaté launched Caviar Manicure Nail kit on March 26th in the UK, where it was quickly snatched off the shelves. And although the entire collection was offered on in the US yesterday, it sold out in a matter of hours leaving all of us American’s itching to get on the wait list. Thankfully, we’ve been faithfully checking and the polish kits are once again available online!

 Ciaté Caviar Nail Polish Kit Is Restocked At Sephora!

The kits were being sold for $25 each and came in Rainbow, Mother of Pearl and Black Pearl (pictured above). Each set also contained Caviar Beads, a Paint Pot Nail Polish, a funnel and a tray. Get ’em while their hot, because these gems are definitely a hot commodity.

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