Christina Aguilera Just Debuted New Pink Hair Makeover

Christina Aguilera Just Debuted New Pink Hair Makeover
Photo: Getty Images

It’s pretty difficult to label anything Christina Aguilera does as surprising or shocking or crazy anymore, considering most of us can still remember Aguilera in her actual crazy phase in the early-aughts phase, where she covered herself in multi-colored braids, heavy, overdrawn makeup, and all of the facial piercings. Though, in case you forgo this mental image, let us remind you…

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Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

Ah, Christina. Thank goodness photos live forever on the internet, so we may never forget the wonderful years of shimmery shadow and bucket hats. Unfortunately for all of us, the singer’s latest hair change is pretty tame in comparison, but still a pretty major departure from her usual white-blonde hair.

This week, photos surfaced of the Aguilera with long, bubblegum-pink hair, apparently dyed for her role in Melissa McCarthy’s Life of the Party movie (yup, Xtina is an actress on the side, we guess). And because it’s Christina, there was a little somethin’ extra to the style: a tiny center-part braid (a.k.a. a spine braid) dividing her new sleek hair.

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Credit: Instagram | @aguileraxtina

Though we can’t say for sure that she’s not just wearing a pink wig, we have to assume the new dye job is real, considering how many hair changes she’s comfortably made in the past decade—most only lasting a month or two, at most. Either way, though, we’re really digging the pink-hair train that Hollywood seems to be riding at the moment, and we’ll wait with bated breath to see who’s next.

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