Chloe Sevigny x OC: Beauty ’90s Skater Punk Style


Chlo Sevigny has been something of a style icon for over a decade, since her days in the mid-’90s as a model-slash-muse for Jane Pratt’s cult-classic teen mag Sassy. She’s translated her signature aesthetic into a successful clothing line for Opening Ceremony over the past few years, and last night she presented her first ever runway show in school gym in downtown Manhattan.

The skateboard-laden set and the show’s soundtrack of loud British punk set the mood perfectly, and Chlo used the cool, teenage skater girl as her beauty inspiration. Thomas Dunkin was the lead stylist for Sebastian Professional, and he told us, “Chlo just gave us an ’90s skater girl’ kind of vibe. Effortless and very minimalpretty much just like her.”

To get the undone look, Dunkin didn’t use any electrical appliances at all, opting to go for a super-natural look achieved by hand-drying and humidity. “We just used a little bit of product and then worked the product through the hair until it was dry, just making sure that the texture is rightif someones hair is too curly, pulling the curl out; if someones hairs not curly enough, just working the curl in just using your fingers so it doesn’t look too forced or contrived.”

If you want to try this at home, use Sebastian Potion 9 in the hair when it’s wet, then work it through until it’s dry and you achieve the texture you want, but be warned: Dunkin says the process takes much longer than it looks.

129765 1307493756 Chloe Sevigny x OC: Beauty 90s Skater Punk Style

MAC was on hand to create the beauty look, and Chlo had a huge hand in that as well. “She didn’t want the make up to be ‘done’she wanted it to look as if young girls had done their own makeup, and then had really flushed cheeks. She was very adamant about the eye-liner not looking perfect and just like how you would put it on if you were 15.”

To create the youthful look for yourself, the MAC artists suggest keeping it simple with dewy skin and a flush that comes up under the eye. They used face and body foundation, which is sheer and has a light, dewy finish. The cream blush in Laid Back is applied with a tiny bit on the eyes and the cheeks. Use brown pencil on the bottom and the top of the lashes, but heed the artist’s warning: “Not too perfect! Just put it on like how you would if you were running out the door or something.”

One last tip? Keep the lips bare (use a little bit of balm) and double up on the black mascara, and you’ll be channelling the ’90s skate culture in no time.

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