Chloe Moretz Gets A Carrie Makeover, Sofia Vergara Morphs Into Lucy

Megan Segura

Photos of Chloe Moretz as Carrie have finally been released from the film remake’s set. The actress still manages to look pretty good, even covered in pig’s blood, and we’re excited to see more. –via MTV News

Sofia Vergara showed off a very different side when she uploaded a photo of herself decked out as Lucille Ball. As funny as the photo is, we think the Colombian bombshell should stay away from red hair in the future. –via Daily Mail

We’ve all seen the effect Kristen Stewart’s affair with director Rupert Sanders has had on her relationship with Robert Pattinson, but now a recent appearance from Sanders’ wife gives insight into what might be happening there. Liberty Ross walked the red carpet at the Lawless premiere without <gasp> her wedding ring. –via Hollywire

Marion Cotillard says of plastic surgery, “I just think it’s kind of sad, because it shows the fear of women. I’m a total injection freak, injection phobic. The last time I had a shot was when I went to Mali, and I had to have the shot against yellow fever.” As much as we may agree with the French actress, it’s a lot easier to shy away from Botox when you look like her. –via The Cut

H&M is set to open its largest store in NYC. The new space on Fifth Avenue at 48th Street is said to have six levels of shopping. Oh my! –via

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