Child Cancer Patient’s YouTube Makeup Tutorials Inspire Thousands

Rachel Adler

Talia Joy Castellano, one of the many teens who spends hours in front of a computer uploading videos to YouTube, may have garnered an impressive following due to her makeup tutorial videos, but that’s not the only reason that she has drawn fans. Talia, a smart and bubbly 12-year-old, was diagnosed with cancer in 2007, and instead of dwelling on her life-threatening disease, she turned to beauty products to dress up her face (and teach others) in the process.

Talia said that her initial purpose with her videos was to teach her followers how to use makeup, and then it turned into something more. As her user base grew (she now has over 100,000 subscribers) she has begun to incorporate life lessons into her vlogs. Talia’s motto, which she has written on the side of her head (with makeup of course) is “makeup is my wig.” The young girl notes that she hates wigs because it makes her feel unlike herself, and by putting on makeup it helps her to embrace her features, and people look at her and not “her bald head.”

Unfortunately, Talia uploaded a video on her page last night that said “idk what to say” announcing that she now has two cancers in her body at the same time. “Basically there are not really a lot of options for treatment anymore,” explaining her treatment options with the grace and poise of someone twice her age.

Talia sums up her options by saying she’s leaning towards not doing it because her chances of surviving are not great, so she may just want to enjoy the time that she has.

Although Talia’s story could clearly depress even the best of us, she went on to say that cancer has actually given her many benefits, and that having a YouTube channel, and getting to inspire people and having people look up to her is what she adores. “I love makeup, using it as my’s amazing..the journey of having cancer was amazing. But every journey has an end. I really, really hope you guys understand what I’m saying, and understand where I’m coming from.”

Obviously we hope for the best for Talia, and love to see what a great impact beauty has had on her life. Our thoughts and prayers are with her.


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