A Sneaky Way To Look Taller

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Photo: © Chris Ashford/CAMERA PRESS/Retna Ltd.

Want to look taller instantly? Do like British singer Cheryl Cole and try out a high ponytail!

The ex-X Factor judge–who was fired from the US version of Simon Cowell’s talent competition before it even aired–is a petitie 5’3″ and says she likes to appear as statuesque as possible when she hits the beach. Since she refuses to wear heels in the sand, she says she has found another way to add some extra inches.

She said, “Give yourself some height–without heels–by pulling your hair into a really high, sleek ponytail.”

Cheryl caused a stir by sporting an oversized bouffant hairstyle at the first X Factor auditions last month, but despite criticism of her look, the British beauty insisted she was pleased with her appearance on the day.

She said, “I love that style. I felt really glamorous with it. The bigger the better I always say–the higher the hair, the closer to heaven. I can do it myself after all these years of practice.”

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