Cheryl Burke’s Stay-Cool Beauty Secrets

Megan McIntyre
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Looking hot for a night out on the town is one thing, but looking so hot that you make people think you’ve been wandering through the Sahara is a whole lot less desirable. Sweat marks, melted makeup, out of control hair and scorched skin come with the territory for the middle of summer, but just because the temperature has hit the triple digits doesn’t mean you need to look it. Reality star Cheryl Burke–of Dancing With The Stars fame–knows a little something about looking cool even when you’re burning up. Here, she shares some of her tips for looking and feeling your best when the temperature soars.

Be A Minimalist
In the summer, I keep my routine pretty basic. I shower but I don’t really dry my hair. I’m really lucky to have really straight hair so I don’t need to blow dry it, which is nice because the last thing you want to do in the summertime is be under that heat. I try to apply as light of makeup as possible because everything is just going to sweat off if you put too much of it on. I stay away from foundation and just try to use powder and then mascara and a light lip gloss and I am out the door!

Don’t Sweat It
For me, deodorant is a huge thing. If you’re sweating under your armpits and you feel like you smell, that’s the worst feeling ever. When I’m dancing with my partner for eight hours a day, the last thing I want to do is feel self-conscious. I love The Body Shop DeoDry deodorant because it’s all-natural and it keeps me dry so I don’t have to worry about sweat marks.

Keep Hydrated
Your body never has enough water in its system, so it’s really important to hydrate yourself. You also need to avoid overheating so stay in the shade and out of the sun as much as possible. It’s not just about water either–you need to keep your skin hydrated on the outside too. I hate feeling dry and when I travel, which I do a lot of, I always end up drying out. I make sure to use a really hydrating night cream on my face and just lots of lotion all over.

Fake It

Laying out in the sun is not only bad for you, it’s also really drying on your skin. I’m really into spray tanning right now–it’s healthier way to get get color instead of laying out in the sun ruining your skin and aging it. A spray tan goes a long way and lasts a long time.

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