Chanukah Nail Art for Every Night and Then Some

Chanukah Nail Art for Every Night and Then Some
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The Festival of Lights begins tomorrow night and we’re excited to celebrate another year (especially because the world is set to end five days afterwards). From seeing friends and family to taking part in traditions we love year after year, Chanukah has always been one of our favorite times of year. This year, we’ve decided to celebrate the only way we know how: give ourselves a serious manicure with some Happy Chanukah nail art.

Whether you’re searching for a glitter mani or looking to paint a few dreidels on your tips, we’ve found some nail art for you. Our favorite idea is a menorah, adding another swipe of paint to represent a light on each night of the holiday. After searching for some of the best Chanukah nail art out there, we’ve put together our ten favorites: one for each night of the holiday, plus more.

Are you doing any nail art for Chanukah? Take a picture and tweet us @BeautyHigh with the hashtag #NailCall to be featured in next week’s #NailCall on our site!

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