Equestrian Beauty At Vena Cava!

Megan McIntyre
vena cava ted gibson 1 Equestrian Beauty At Vena Cava!

I love working with the Vena Cava designers Sophie Buhai and Lisa Mayock during Fashion Week. They know their consumer very well and cater to their cool, chic but never stuffy sensibility. For the Fall 2010 show, I decided to create an equestrian ponytail for the Vena Cava girls backstage. It’s all about a girl who’s been horseback riding all day long. It’s effortless and super cool. We pulled the hair back into a ponytail and then tied it back with a leather strap. With the horsewoman theme, it’s only a hop and a skip from Ralph Laurenvillle. We didn’t want it to be quite that kind of party, so we made sure to keep it very downtown and cool with the help of color. We added in Streekers in shades of purple, green and pink. Streaks of color are a major trend for fall.

vena cava ted gibson 2 Equestrian Beauty At Vena Cava!

Products used included Build It for texture, Tame It on the flyaways, then Beautiful Hold to set everything. So the final feel is equestrian, but not stuffy. This is a very hip girl. There’s slight texture at the roots and then a lot of rough texture throughout to give it that windblown, look. All products are available at beauty.com

Remember, Beauty Is Individual.

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