7 Clean-Cut Celebs With One Filthy Habit

Megan Segura
7 Clean-Cut Celebs With One Filthy Habit
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Miley finally found a reason to stop tweeting for a minute. Unfortunately, it was only so she could pick up another cigarette. Didn't she ever hear smoking wreaks havoc on your vocal chords? Try One Of These Celeb-Inspired Halloween Costumes

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Out of all the celebs with this bad habit, we were most shocked by new mom Hilary Duff. Not cool, Hil! The Best Brows For Your Face Shape

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We always thought Scarlett looked like a natural when she smoked in movies like Lost In Translation and Match Point, and now we know it's because she practices off-duty. Four Steps To Bright Radiant Skin

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As the star of ABC's Nashville, we would think Hayden would want to take better care of her voice. We're hoping she's kicked her habit since this photo was taken. Eye Shadows That Bring Out Your Eyes

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There certainly is a trend of singers who smoke! The new H&M spokesperson is rarely seen without her smokes, and we're just impressed that she's able to work a lighter with those super long nails. Celebrities' Favorite 10 Products Under $10

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Keira was seen filming a movie in NYC, puffing in between takes. We would say Coco Chanel would be disappointed, but turns out she was a chain smoker herself. Celebrities Without Makeup

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Seems caffeine isn't Kirsten's only vice. The blonde actress regularly takes nicotine breaks. Stick to the Starbucks, Kirsten. Try One Of Fall's Hottest New Haircuts

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