Shady Celebrities: Can You Guess the Stars’ Natural Hair Color?

Shady Celebrities: Can You Guess the Stars’ Natural Hair Color?
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When it comes to hair color, celebrities have a hard time making up their minds. Their sudden shade change is always a sight to see (any time Miley Cyrus changes her hair the Internet breaks), and their brave moves to give themselves makeovers inspires us. Nothing makes us want to run to our local drugstore to pick an at-home dye kit or make a coveted appointment with the hottest salon in town than a trendy hue we’ve seen atop our favorite star’s head.

A starlet changing her hair color is nothing new. Katy Perry has been playing with candy-colored hues for the better part of her 20s, and Rihanna has worked every color under the sun. What’s really shocking, though, is when a celebrity’s natural hair color is shocking. Ever wonder whether Kristen Stewart’s hair is naturally brunette? Or if Kate Moss is naturally a blonde? Get ready to play the guessing game, because the celebrities above aren’t who you think they are.

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