Would You Dare Wear A Pixie?

Megan McIntyre
halle berry pixie Would You Dare Wear A Pixie?

Before -circa February 2009
Photo: © Sara De Boer / Retna Ltd.

After- circa December 2009
Photo: © Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Looking for a way to make a dramatic hair statement in the new year? Why not try a pixie! The super short style is definitely an attention-getter, something the always stunning Halle Berry knows all too well. The gorgeous star recently lopped off her locks in favor of a chic crop. To find out if the style is right for you, we asked Tresemm√© celebrity stylist Mara Roszak for her tips on taking the pixie plunge. Read on to see if you’re a prime candidate for this bold and beautiful hairstyle.

Know your face shape. Not every face shape can pull off this look. “A pixie looks best on a delicate face because it really emphasizes your facial features,” says Roszak. If your face is very square or round, a crop will only act to enhance its width and any sharp angles or puffy areas, drawing attention to features you may not want to exaggerate. If your face is oval- or heart-shaped, you’re in the clear. Not sure what your face shape is? Take our face shape quiz to find out.

Do a test run. For many women, their long locks can serve as a security blanket, letting them hide their faces when they’re feeling self-conscious or moody. Once that hair is gone, so is that so-called security and it won’t be growing back anytime soon. “It’s very freeing and fun to have a short cut like this, you just have to be ready,” says Roszak. To see if you can handle it, she suggests pulling your hair off your face for a few days in a row. If you’re comfortable with that, then you can handle a cropped cut.

Take small steps. If you’re still a little wary, consider following Halle’s example: Instead of chopping her hair off all at once, she had her stylist cut her hair into a short bob, then waited a month before she opted for the crop. “It’s a big decision to make. Sometimes it’s better to ease into a big change, especially if you are going from long to super short,” says Roszak. “Making sure you are ready for a change is key,” she says. If you do decide to go for the extreme all-at-once chop, consider donating your hair to a charity like Locks Of Love, so you can help support a great cause as you unveil a whole new you.

So how about it, would you dare to wear a pixie?

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