Celebrity Beauty Trends We Wish Were A Joke

Shannon Farrell
Celebrity Beauty Trends We Wish Were A Joke
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Many women may want to look younger, but plastic surgery isn't always the answer. Lindsay Lohan, Megan Fox and the obvious Heidi Montag have turned to the cutting board before the age of 30 and have come out looking like puffy Barbie dolls. Instead of looking younger, these procedures backfire and actually make them look older.

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Don't misread us here. We love nail art. But never would we wear a picture of those we admire on our digits! Beyonc and her sister Solange showed support for Obama during the last presidential election with his face painted on their nails, while Katy Perry has gone as far as to have different portraits of Prince William on each nail during the time of the Royal Wedding. And who can forget her smurf nails that stirred quite the twitter frenzy?

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I guess the saying, "the end justifies the means" can be applied to this super gross trend. You wouldn't believe what celebrities put on their faces. Eva Longoria, Jennifer Lopez and Katie Holmes all use a placental face cream ($90, beautycollection.com) derived from nutrients found in human placenta. There is also a face cream made out of the foreskin after babies are circumcised. We wonder who will be first to try that one.

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If you think human secretions face creams are gross, what about getting a bird poop facial? That's reportedly what Victoria Beckham and her husband David get regularly. Jessica Simpson has tried the controversial fish pedicure and Snooki uses clean (thank god!) kitty litter to exfoliate her face.

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Hair dye has been a lifesaver for women everywhere who want to hide their grays and experience a renewed sense of youth. Now it seems that young celebs are choosing to go gray on purpose! Kelly Osbourne, Kate Moss and not surprisingly, Lady Gagy, have all jumped on the bandwagon.

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There's nothing wrong with a tattoo or two. In fact, we think they're really hot. But when you plaster them all your body it can be a little too much. It seems that many celebs, most notably Angelina and Rihanna, have been getting inked on a monthly basis (ok, maybe an exaggeration). We get it; a picture is worth a thousand words. So why not buy a painting?

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Most celebs spend the majority of the year in sunny Cali but these orange tans are not from the sun. Aside from our Jersey girl Snooki, Christina Aguilera, Ashley Tisdale and Lindsay Lohan have all been guilty of the unnatural tan. Someone teach them <a href="/blogs/" how to self-tan properly!

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As beauty editors, we get tons of products to try in the office. And as beauty editors, we also know not to try them all at once. Maybe someone should send a press release to the stars about that one. From Kim Kardashian's thick black eyeliner to Audrina Patridge's multicolored eyeshadow, some celebrities (and their makeup artists) still have a lot to learn that less is more.

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