Celebrities Up Close: Not As Great As You Might Think

Megan Segura
celebcloseupsss.jpg (Slideshow)

Photo: Courtesy of Tumblr

Celebrities aren’t nearly as perfect as their airbrushed movie posters and magazine covers would lead you to believe, and a new website is now exposing the truth.

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Celebrity Close-Up is littered with extremely close-up pictures of various celebrities. You can see every hair, freckle, pore (Yes, they have pores!) and scar that exists on these famous faces. There are a few actresses’ pictures that will make you scream with envy over their perfect skin, but for the most part, you will see a lot of sun spots and wrinkles.

And before you deem this site mean or unfair, just remember every time you’ve cried in front of the mirror, wondering why you can’t look as perfect as a particular singer or model. It seems more and more people are fighting back against the use of airbrushing and the reinforcement of unfair beauty standards.

Will you be visiting the site?

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