How To Tell Which Celebs Have Had Plastic Surgery

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How To Tell Which Celebs Have Had Plastic Surgery
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These days plastic surgery is everywhere. Not many celebrities will admit they've had work done, but we're fans of full disclosure (why present an unrealistic ideal?). Some women look downright scary after turning to the knife, while others are able to walk away looking fresher and renewed, making everyone wonder what their secret is. We spoke to Dr. Edward Miranda, a San Francisco-based plastic surgeon, about the tell-tale signs of face lifts and injections. While he wouldnt comment on any celebrities in particular, we used his information to make our own educated guesses about who's had what done.

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As far as injectable fillers go, some of the most telling signs a patient has been treated are visible bruising and swelling of the treated area, says Dr. Miranda. Possible injection points are the lips, around the mouth and nasolabial folds. Lindsay Lohan has been sporting puffier lips for a while now, but when she showed up to an event with a much fuller face, we couldn't help but wonder if too many fillers were the culprit. Celebrity Beauty Trends We Wish Were A Joke

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Courteney Cox has always had an angular face in the past, so when she sported puffier lips and cheekbones, everyone wondered what exactly she had done to herself. Thankfully, a lot of the swelling has gone down and she looks like her old self again. Try One Of Fall's Hottest New Haircuts

The most telling signs of a face lift are either a scar in front of the ear or an obviously raised temporal line, says Dr. Miranda. It seems eyebrow lifts can also be the cause of a face that looks just the least bit uncomfortably stretched, as seen on Julie Bowen. Emmy's Best (And Worst) Beauty Looks

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills arent exactly shy about admitting their past plastic surgery visits, and many of them are happy to let the world watch as they get their monthly dose of Botox. While we havent seen Brandi go under the knife, her raised temple area gives us a clue. Top 10 Real Housewives Hairstyles

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When looking for signs of a boob job, Dr. Miranda says cleavage without a bra and visible ripples of the side of the breast are clear indicators. We like the fact that Kourtney freely admits shes had implants put in. It makes looking at her perfectly enhanced bosom a little easier to deal with. 10 Celebrities Who Tried Showing Side Boob

Montag is another reality star who cops to plastic surgery. Hell, she invites the magazines to film her before and after. Its a good thing, too, because F-cups on a tiny figure dont exactly scream natural. Beauty Tricks To Hide Weight Gain

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