Celebrities Can’t Get Enough of the Bob Haircut

Celebrities Can’t Get Enough of the Bob Haircut
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2012 is coming to a close in a matter of weeks, and the post-2012-apocalyptic world new year calls for a new hairstyle. The past year, we’ve seen center parts and fishtail braids take center stage as the must-have styles, but lately, celebrities have decided to take much more drastic measures in the form of a cut.

The bob, a haircut that’s been around forever, is making a huge comeback. Models, actresses, singers and everyone in between are heading to their hairdressers to get the cut, and we’re sitting up to take notice. Whether they opt for layers, one length or the “lob” (long bob), the shorter style is on its way to taking over as the look to have.

Why do we love this cut so much? Besides the fact that it’s flattering on just about every face, less hair also means less maintenance, which means more time to spend on the things that matter (like finally reading the book everyone’s been talking about or grabbing dinner with an old roommate). The bob can work as curly, straight or wavy, and the opportunities for styling are pretty endless.

Would you make the cut? Tell us in the comment section below! 

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