Ryan Gosling Bleached His Hair, We Cry A Little

Rachel Adler

We typically do not cover men’s beauty over here at Beauty High, but we keep a pretty close eye on Ryan Gosling, because well, who wouldn’t want to keep a close eye on such a pretty thing? And folks, it turns out that he has done a horrible, horrible thing to his lovely, lovely self.

Apparently Gosling has bleached his strands for an upcoming role in the movie The Place Beyond The Pines, in which Gosling plays a motorcycle stunt rider who contemplates committing a crime to provide for his family. The role keeps Gosling in quite nice shape (check out the arms), but we wouldn’t really advise that he keeps the pants from the set…

Lets just cross our fingers that the bleach doesn’t do any damage to his locks and he keeps that sexy head of hair for quite some time now.

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