‘Pretty Little Liars’ Backstage Makeup Tips

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Backstage Makeup Tips
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We all have our guilty pleasures, just turns out that I share my guilty pleasure with a cool 3.64 viewers. Or at least that is how many people tuned into see the summer’s finale of the ABC Family melodrama Pretty Little Liars.

It’s been a tough couple of months, but the high school drama starts up again on October 19. In the meantime I got my Pretty Little Liars fix from the show’s head makeup artist Cindy Miguens.

Atelevision show that has four different leading ladies, I got Cindy to dish on each girl’s distinct look and style. Check out the slide show above with Cindy’s tips for getting each character’s looks, and while I personally feel as if I am a Spencer, I couldn’t wait to find out how to get Aria’s cat eye.

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