‘Pretty Little Liars’ Backstage Makeup Tips

Amanda Elser
‘Pretty Little Liars’ Backstage Makeup Tips
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We all have our guilty pleasures, just turns out that I share my guilty pleasure with a cool 3.64 viewers. Or at least that is how many people tuned into see the summer’s finale of the ABC Family melodrama Pretty Little Liars.

It’s been a tough couple of months, but the high school drama starts up again on October 19. In the meantime I got my Pretty Little Liars fix from the show’s head makeup artist Cindy Miguens.

Atelevision show that has four different leading ladies, I got Cindy to dish on each girl’s distinct look and style. Check out the slide show above with Cindy’s tips for getting each character’s looks, and while I personally feel as if I am a Spencer, I couldn’t wait to find out how to get Aria’s cat eye.

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"Each episode, I have meetings with the producers,  director, assistant director, and writer. We go through the script, and go over their vision of the looks they want for the characters during the scenes. So that gives us the basic idea to go with  to make the networks happy.  In the trailer, we try  to please everyone.  We try incorporating their character's personality, with what they are doing in the scene,  with what they like as individuals, and with what was said in the meetings.

Aria, is more conservative goth. She wears a lot of black  and green liner, soft pink cheeks, berry or pink lips and lots of mascara.  I usually use a black pencil eyeliner, with a couple of individual lashes, to create the cat look."

"Emily, is a sporty, exotic, lesbian who's look is more natural.  She wears a lot of bronzers on her eye lids, with peachy pink cheeks, and natural lips."

"Hanna is the pretty blond. Her look is mainly smokey eyes, with coral cheeks, and gloss. At times, we do a beach glow look on Hanna."

"Spencer is the retro brainy girl. We keep her look simple and classic, by using soft  brown liner created by eye shadow, pinkish cheeks, and lip balms."

"My biggest tip is accent your eyes with lashes, and use color liner that matches the color of your eyes."

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