Nina Dobrev Bought Her Own Feather Extensions For Nylon

Amanda Elser

We always love the eclectic looks on Nylon covers, but when we heard that our favorite Vampire Diaries actress Nina Dobrev was rocking feather extensions on the magazine’s February issue we were a little skeptical. Weren’t feather clip-onsso 2011? So when we read that the star brought in her own feather extensions for the “vintage Vegas cowgirl” cover shoot we had to know more.

Hairstylist Riawna Capri has worked with Nina for six years, so both were really eager to get more creative for the Nylon cover.

“Nina brought in all of these feather clip-ons from home and we ended up doing a messy braid on one side of her head and then another braid with the turquoise, yellow and purple feathers twisted in,” Capri explained.

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We admit, we are a little “over” the feather extensions, but we kind of love the idea of weaving them into a braid like this, and apparently so did Nina. The actress wore her “Vegas cowgirl” style out after the shoot wrapped.

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