My Note to Lauren Conrad: Slow Down

Amanda Elser

I give Lauren Conrad props (I still like to think of her as LC) for having some serious entrepreneurship skills. With a clothing line at Kohl’s, a stint as Forbes’ lifestyle writer, a book series and two seriously addictive lifestyle websites – and – you’d think she would have enough on her 25-year-old plate.

But apparently the young reality star has an even bigger plans. Conrad wrote on her last post for about her future plans of creating a beauty line.”Right now, one of my main objectives is to into a product line,” shewrote.”I am currently researching all of my options, but should begin the process of executing an actual line very soon — stay tuned!”

Dear LC,

I love your side braid and your glossy lips. Your ombre-style hair is truly trendy and your makeup tutorials are an excellent procrastination tool. But besides a liquid eyeliner specifically designed to produce the very cat-eye you’re famous for (because I would definitely pay for that), what can you bring to the cosmetic industry that hasn’t already been done?

I say this with warmest regards because I really want you to be the reality-TV star that could, but I think it would be in your best interest to maybe dedicate yourself one thing at a time. A beauty line by you has the potential to be awesome, but for now I think you should just stick to those snazzy dip-dye how-tos. (Seriously, they rock.)



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