Lauren Conrad Shows How To Do Her Fave Side Braid

Rachel Adler

We already know that braids are in for Fall 2011, with everything from a interspersed braids haphazardly strewn through the hair to messy side braids popping up on the runways.

But, without a doubt Lauren Conrad has been the go-to for braid inspiration for years and years now, effortlessly holding back her bangs in a braid as she has tried to grown them out, and still using the cute style when her hair grew long enough that she no longer needed the excuse.

Now, she brings us her latest obsession, which she calls her “one side braid,” and explains how to get it on The Beauty Department. A mix of a slightly off-center French braid, it’s actually quite easy. Check out the rest of the steps on the site, and practice it while you’re stuck inside from Hurricane Irene all weekend. Good luck!

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