Katy Perry’s E.T. Full Video Debuts, Who Does It Better?

Rachel Adler

Katy Perry debuted the full version of her E.T. video today at noon, and lets just say there is an all-out competition between her and Gaga for the creepiest music video makeup.

Perry’s video features Kanye looking relatively normal (floating with silver pants on), whereas Perry is decked out in an all out alien-garb. In portions of the video she is seen with a red stripe painted across her eyes (sort of Fall Balmain inspired?) and then what can only be described as webs painted on her cheeks.

Then we move into pink skeletal shading (gorgeous, but scary), and copper snake eyes. She’s also sporting extra-long chrome nails for the video as well.

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So, who pulls off the alien look best – Gaga or Perry?

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