Katy Perry Now Has Pink Hair Instead, Do You Love?

Rachel Adler

Katy Perry certainly seems to be becoming a little hair color chameleon. After showing off a reddish shade a few weeks ago, the starlet finally had made it to her (what we thought to be) desired shade of blonde.

But, it turns out Perry doesn’t exactly seem to have a desired shade. She seems to want to color her hair every color of the rainbow, now stepping out in a pink hue. Not that we can blame her, as pink seems to be the “in” hair color of the moment. Perry was spotted by Celebuzz filling up her gas tank (and getting a few waters) with Russell Brand sporting a new bright pink hairstyle.

We’re hoping this was just Kool Aid or something, as all of this hair dye may start causing a bit of damage to her hair. Obviously Perry loves bright colors (we love them too) but why did she get bored of the wigs? And, what shade can we expect next?

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