Ginnifer Goodwin Changes It Up Once Again

Rachel Adler

We all know by now that Ginnifer Goodwin is quite the hairstyle chamelon, but her looks lately have qualified her as a bonafide badass. Changing up her pixie style so often (from cute and innocent, to pompadour, to faux hawk) she makes us want her experimental guts. And yes, we just said “experimental guts” as if it were a real phrase.

But in all seriousness, it’s great to see someone taking on a gutsy style, and proving that there are multiple ways to wear it. We also kind of love that she’s come so far from her sort of dumpy, long locks. Clearly Big Love has made quite the impact, and we’ve just discovered a new celeb obsession. Natalie Portman, move over.

Photo: Jordan Strauss, WireImage

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