Get ScarJo’s Modern Twist From Last Night’s Movie Premiere

Amanda Elser

At last night’s We Bought a Zoo New York movie premiere Scarlett Johansson looked modern and elegant with her updated victory roll and blue eyeshadow. We got the inside scoop on how to get this updated-twist from Sebastian Professional celebrity hairstylist Duffy himself and we have to say, we think this will make a great look to test out at a holiday party… or a red carpet affair.

Duffy said to first towel dry hair and distributeSebastian Professional Whipped Crme through the lengths of the hair, beginning at the roots and moving towards the ends. Rough dry the hair until the product is completely absorbed.

Second, spritz the hair withSebastian Professional Potion 9 Lite and use a 1-inch curling iron to curl the entire head, starting at the front. Once the hair has cooled, brush through the waves.

Third, create a side part and separate the hair into four equal sections around the head, starting at the crown and moving downwards. Backcomb each section and spray the roots withSebastian Professional Shaper Plus to hold in place.

Finally, working against the part, twist each section horizontally against the head around both the sides and back, and secure with pins. Allow the wave to show through the front section.

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