The Feathers Just Keep Coming: Paris Couture Trend

Rachel Adler
The Feathers Just Keep Coming: Paris Couture Trend
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Although we may have upset the fishermen by stealing all of their feathers for our hair extensions, designers haven’t seemed to notice. At the Paris Couture shows we’ve been inundated with feathers placed in the hair in various ways, and used in the clothing of course. If those fishermen were upset before, we’re bound to be in for it now!

So far this week we’ve seen ornately decorated hats at by Karl at Chanel, feathers intertwined through Alexis Mabille’s clothes and the model’s hair, and feathers used as bountiful hair pieces at Jean Paul Gaultier. Flip through the slideshow above for a peek, and be on the lookout for more, as we’re sure they’re coming!

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