Celebrities Takeover The Beauty Business

Celebrities Takeover The Beauty Business
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The beauty industry used to be paved with ads featuring models that only beauty editors and industry insiders would ever recognize. They were gorgeous but that was about it. There was nothing really special about these girls other than their pretty faces; we knew nothing about them and didn’t really mind it. Well now things are a little (a lot) different. All major beauty brands feauture ads with Hollywood It-Girls, major musical talents and all-star movie mavens. Their names extend farther then their “day job” and have launched into the magnificent world of cosmetics, haircare, and everything beauty-ful.

Now that beauty and celebrity have meshed into one happy family, the women you see in magazine stories are also the ones seen in the ads. It is a celebrity takeover and we love it. These ads make top celebrity looks accessible to every girl who can get their hands on an Almay eyeshadow or a Chanel lipstick. Now when you want to get Leighton Meester’s sexy hair or Scarlett Johansen’s luscious lips, you can.

Learn a little more about these fabulously beautiful women while you take a look at their iconic ads.

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Vanessa Paradis: The face of Chanel's Coco Rouge Lipstick and a muse to Karl Lagerfeld. She's also Johnny Depp's wife. Seriously? Can I be her?

Carrie Underwood:  A beauty newbie, Carrie's campaign for Olay's revamped skincare line will launch in February 2011. Here's a sneak preview.

Leighton Meester: This Gossip Girl star is the global hair ambassador for Herbal Essences. She swears by the brand's products, and creating her looks is easy with step-by-step directions on Herbal's website. Accessible celebrity hair- Love it!

Rihanna: The songstress joined a long list of famous Covergirls, including Queen Latifah, Molly Sims, and Christie Brinkley in 2007.

Halle Berry: This famous beauty signed with beauty giant Revlon in 1996, and renewed her contract in 2004. Who wouldn't resign Halle Berry?

Catherine Zeta Jones: The woman who started it all. Catherine was one of the women to start the celebrity beauty frenzy by signing with Elizabeth Arden in 2002.

Scarlett Johansson: Dolce & Gabanna chose to launch their entire beauty line in Spring 2009 with Scarlett as the face.

Kate Hudson: She's Almay's global brand ambassador. How gorgeous is she in their commercials?

Charlize Theron: Dior's first celebrity spokeswoman, Charlize signed a deal in 2004 to be the face of the brand's signature fragrance, J'adore.

Julia Roberts: This pretty woman is moving her way up in the beauty world. Since the
launch of her Lancome campaign earlier this year the brand's sales
increased to $100 million. That's a lot of mascara.

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