Bright Tips: I Dyed My Ends Purple & Love It – Here’s How

Rachel Adler
Bright Tips: I Dyed My Ends Purple & Love It – Here’s How
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Over the course of the past few months we’ve gone through a series of interesting hair trends – feather extensions, dip-dyed ends and now a handful of celebrities are popping up with their entire heads dyed in neon hues. I’m not going to lie, I was pretty into all of these varying trends, but the one that really caught my eye was the latest – the bright “fade” that is taking place and can be spotted on a select few such as D.J. Chelsea Leyland, Kate Bosworth and Marie Claire Senior Fashion Editor Zanna Roberts Rassi.

I went directly to the source of this burgeoning trend to get the scoop (and of course got the style done myself). Sean Gallagher, stylist at Ric Pipino Salon, has been using Manic Panic and other brightly hued vegetable dyes to color his clients hair for as long as he can remember. The dyes need to be placed on already bleached hair (or at least previously colored hair) so that the hair shaft is more accepting to the color; and the color will hold for about three months with your typical gradual fade.

Obviously Manic Panic is sold in beauty drugstores such as Ricky’s, but for the intricate ombre that you will see in the slideshow above, it’s best to have it done by a professional. Also, if you’re not already a blonde and will need to bleach your hair in order to do this, then I definitely advise a stylist’s help! Flip through the slideshow above to see the entire process, and the final results!

Sean Gallagher, Ric Pipino Salon. Call 212-871-5533 for appointments, “Dunk It” costs $100-$150. All photos courtesy of Spencer Wohlrab.

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Sean began the process by washing my hair with a clarifying shampoo so that the dye wouldn't get stuck on any hair product.

He then dried my hair to a "damp-dry" and we talked colors!

We decided to go with a blue to purple fade, having the blue be the top color and fading to purple.

Sean began mixing the colors to exactly what we desired - another great reason to see a professional - you can't always buy that exact color you want, but mixing and matching is always an option.

Sean Gallagher, hard at work mixing colors.

In the end, we had three colors to work with.

Sean had to use multiple foils for my hair (four in total) partly due to the length, but also in order to not mix the colors that he had painted on.

Blue, light purple, dark purple!

To speed up the process, Sean applied heat to each foil.

We unwrapped the foils and the color was so vivid!

Sean then rinsed out the color and applied a clear gloss to my hair.

Then he dried my hair to get our final result...


And I loved it - I thought I would be more shocked by the burst of color than I was, but because of the intricate fade throughout I immediately fell in love.

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