Beauty Battle: Rose Byrne & Ashley Hebert’s Cleopatra Cut

Rachel Adler

I have always been completely honest about my feelings regarding Bachelorette Ashley Hebert’s hair. Don’t get me wrong — I think the girl is a total sweetheart and I was happy when she and JP got engaged (although maybe a tad bit jealous – I mean the guy is a total catch). But, she never seems to get it right in the hair department, even if we really, really want her to.

During her season, she had these wispy bangs. These horrible, wispy bangs that she was constantly toying with and never getting to lay just right. Now, she’s chosen a very trendy shoulder-length cut (in which she nicknamed “Cleopatra.” Although the cut looks cute on other ladies who have chosen it (Rose Byrne first got recognition for it during Fall 2011’s Fashion Week), the color is a bit too harsh and dark for Hebert’s overtly bubbly personality and the cut is just too sharp and drastic. We’d love to see her with a lighter hue that brushes a bit past her shoulders, with face framing layers.

Byrne also recently returned to this Cleopatra cut as well, so now the two girls are rocking the look. Who does it better?

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