10 Beauty Tumblrs You Should Be Following

10 Beauty Tumblrs You Should Be Following
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Ah, Tumblr… everyone’s favorite microblog. It’s the perfect combination of Twitter, WordPress and Facebook, which is amazing for commitment-phobes (ahem, like myself) who can’t keep up a blog for more than a few days.

Naturally, we’ve discovered a multitude of fabulous beauty Tumblrs. Here are some of our favoriteshopefully, they’ll have you saying “reblog!”

And don’t forget about Beauty High’s Tumblr of course!

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Paint Your Nails
Already bored with the crackle polish trend? Look no further for fresh nail ideas. Whether you're in the mood for an edgy half-moon mani or over-the-top cutesy cupcake nails, this blog showcases some of the most incredible manicures imaginable.

Makeup FTW
From neon eye shadow to gold-plated lips, there's something for everyone on this Tumblr. Feast your eyes on the plethora of wild and wonderful images that are uploaded daily and get creative with your own makeup routine. Want to know more about a particular look? Check out the interactive Q&A feature.

Hair Wars
Featuring couture up-dos, vintage coifs, candy-hued dye jobs and every kind of braid, this is a one-stop shop for hairstyles that will suit every whim and are sure to get you out of a perpetual ponytail rut. In this war, everyone wins.

The Ram
Oftentimes, the best inspiration comes from where you would least expect. This blog is full of quirky, off-beat and obscure art, fashion and beauty references that are sure to have you thinking outside the box... er, makeup bag.

The Beauty Model
A collection of editorial images showcasing a wide variety of makeup masterpieces. Whether you're searching for a particular look or just want to admire the work of professional makeup artists and models, this Tumblr offers the same fashion escapism that you get from your favorite glossy fashion mag.

Dial M for Maquillage
Want to know how to wear fuchsia eye shadow, clean your makeup brushes or apply false lashes? Here, you'll find a variety of how-to videos sprinkled throughout product and trend images. It's kind of like reading a magazine with a friend.

Red Lipstick Jungle
An entire blog dedicated to the most iconic beauty product ever. Featuring the gorgeous pouts of Hailee Steinfeld, Jayne Mansfield, Catwoman... need we say more?

Gloss & Gab
These days, it's difficult to find beauty product reviews you can trust. Gabriella, the "gab" behind this Tumblr, offers honest and informative reviews of products she buys and tests herself. Obsessed with lip products? Don't miss her "Kisses and Misses" series, where she rates lipsticks, balms and glosses.

This edgy UK magazine features the very best in art, fashion and culture on their Tumblr. A best-kept secret among trendsetters and tastemakers, it's an intriguing place to look for unique inspiration.

Fuck Yeah Makeup
This Tumblr pretty much summarizes how we feel about all things beauty in a very, um... straightforward way. Don't let the cheeky name fool you, though¬ówhen it comes to the latest and greatest in makeup products and trends, it's right on point.

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