Celebs Who Were Transformed By Their Halloween Costumes

Shannon Farrell

Sometimes the best makeovers are only temporary—like on Halloween. Some celebs took that idea to the max this year, transforming themselves completely to the point of being unrecognizable. Check out our favorites.

Heidi Klum halloween 2013

Photo: Getty Images

For her annual Halloween party in New York, Heidi Klum fast-forwarded the clock about 50 years. Now we know what the model and judge will look when she’s old and gray.

Demi Lovato halloween 2013

Photo: Getty Images

Thanks to “The Walking Dead” and the zombie resurgence, zombies have been a top costume for the past few years. Demi Lovato‘s makeup is so good, we wouldn’t have known it was her aside from the bird tattoos.

Kate Moss halloween 2013

Photo: Getty Images

Even the addition of blue face makeup and some thick black liner can totally transform. Just look at Kate Moss.

Miley Cyrus halloween 2013

Photo: Instagram

All Miley Cyrus has to do is don a wig and she looks completely different. Last year she was spot-on with her portrayal of Nicki Minaj, and again, this year she totally pulled off Lil’ Kim at the 1999 VMAs.

Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy halloween 2013

Photo: PCN

And who are those two fisherman? None other than our favorite funny girls (and besties) Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy taking Sandra’s son trick-or-treating.

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