Beauty Buzz: Carrie Underwood on Her Beauty DIY, Painting Your Nails Can Fake a Sun-Kissed Glow, More

Victoria Moorhouse


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1. Three simple tips that will help you keep your red hair color from fading really fast. [Allure]

2. When it comes to beauty DIYs, Carrie Underwood (yeah, the girl with the perfect complexion AND head of hair) explains that she’s really into coconut oil. Learn how she uses it here. [Byrdie]

3. Give your winter skin a pretty glow with these expert makeup and moisturizer application tricks and product suggestions. [Daily Makeover]

4. Looking to give yourself even more of a sun-kissed look? There are nail polish shades that will make you look tanner than you actually are. [Cosmopolitan]

5. Losing your hair-tie will never be a problem again. Random objects, from aluminum foil to chopsticks, can be used to pull back your locks. [Women’s Health]

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