Carlos Miele & Timo Weiland Go For a Touch of Sun

Julia DiNardo

We’ve seen bronzed and sun kissed before to get glowing, summer skin backstage for the spring/summer collections, but this season the intensity seems to have increased to a deeper hue, going as far as a full on “I smeared baby oil on my face and laid out for eight hours” aesthetic. Here’s two looks from NARS and Maybelline that take you through getting the look of skipping a day of work and heading to the beach, having forgot to apply something higher than SPF 15!

Starting at the more extreme end of the spectrum, James Boehmer for NARS Cosmetics (pictured above) created a universally warm tone, wanting it to “be obvious that it is sunburn, but the rest of the look is clean and real,” he tells Beauty High.

He first started with good amount of moisture cream and tinted moisturizer (coming out in the spring), then created an arrow on the face, starting from the hairline through the temple down to the jaw with two blushes, Exhibit A (a brilliant red) and Dolce Vita (a dusty rose). Boehmer next layered some powder on top to blend, and a strip of Vaseline down the nose and a dab above the lip, for a bit of shine and the effect that there may be a drop of sweat there.

Layering on the bronzer at Carlos Miele

Backstage at Carlos Miele, a girl just surfacing from out of the water had gelled and glossed back tresses by Rodney Cutler for Ulta, while Gato for Maybelline worked on a sophisticated Brazilian beauty look starting with the Fit Me! Foundation and combining both bronzer and blush into the look. “The key to getting to the right color is to build a subtle layer on top of each other with sculpting points,” Gato explains.

He used the Fit Me! Bronzing powder on the forehead, temples, under the cheekbone and below the jaw line for extra definition, finishing with some Fit Me! Medium Coral Blush.

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