Vanessa Minnillo’s Secret Hair Thickening Weapon

Rachel Adler

Thick, luscious locks is everything a girl dreams of — to have the hair of a Kardashian (sans extensions, come on we know that hair isn’t real) would make all of our fantasies come true.

There is a thickening treatment that may make this possible, available at some salons around the country, known as Nioxin. The treatment is customized to your individual needs (such as color-treated hair, normal to thin looking hair, or noticeably thin hair) and includes an in-salon treatment as well as a newly released (coming in January) Xtrafusion treatment.

The new Diamax with HTX treatment has been designed to help increase the thickness of each strand of hair and fight against breakage, using ingredients and benefits that are successful in skin care products to nourish your hair.

Betsy Reyes, Nioxin Celebrity Hairstylist Ambassador and Vanessa Minnillo’s close friend and stylist, has been recommending the product to her clients ever since she got into the business. “I’ve recommended Nioxin to clients for typical reasons and then for those dealing with extensions which lead to breakage and regular wear and tear.” When it comes to extensions, Reyes definitely thinks it’s a product that can come in handy. “A lot of people that use extensions end up having a receding hair line, and for a female where is that weave going to go? It’s going back and back and it’s not a good look, so I think I realized that this product is for everybody.”

When it comes to Vanessa, Reyes has been working with her since her early days with TRL. “When we started working together it was for TRL, and it was five days, five different looks and we never repeated it. We actually had a look book so we never repeated hairstyles, and if we did it was for an outside event. She’s one of my favorite clients because she has such gorgeous hair, great style and we just really mesh.”

Reyes also works with Minnillo’s husband, Nick Lachey. For Minnillo’s wedding, they chose to keep her hair looking natural and beautiful so that Nick could really see her — Vanessa wanted to look like her regular self, just with a bit more hair and makeup. “It was a good look because you take off the veil and it’s still you.” Reyes also added that “for the festivities, because it was hot, I teased it up and did a five minute updo to get it off her neck.”

Nioxin Diamax with HTX will be available nationwide at salons in January 2012 for $50

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