Tap Into Your Inner Mad Scientist With BIOMEGA Hair Products


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Confession: While in school, I failed chemistry miserably. It took me a couple of tries before I finally passed it and the only reason I did was because I was always so great at cooking up new formulas in the lab. Fast forward years later and who knew that my amazing mixology skills would ever be put to use again? And on my hair nonetheless!

The other day I was introduced to hair care line BIOMEGA and Im completely hooked (which says a lot coming from me since I switch out hair care products probably more times than you change your clothes during the week). BIOMEGA, which sells at independent salons only, has come up with 3 fun products that can be mixed and matched to style your hair.

BIOMEGA Styling BEHAVE Smoothing Elixir is lightweight, non-goopy and works wonders to smooth your hair. It comes complete with UV and thermal styling protection to keep your tresses looking healthy and the formula makes it super easy to blow dry or flat iron the hair.

BIOMEGA Styling SHAKE IT! Volume Boosting Activator is a little container of white powder that can be mixed with the Styling BEHAVE Smoothing Elixir to add a boost of volume. This is where the fun comes in! The powder isnt meant to be used alone and must be mixed with another styling or texturizing product to work. You can add in a little or a lot (depending on the type of hold or volume you wish to create).

BIOMEGA Styling TEXT ME Flexible Taffy is a pliable texturizer that is great for creating those funky styles with separation and definition. (Remember when celebrity hairstylist Ursula Stephen gave Rihanna her first hair cut and it looked all edgy? Yes, this stuff is great for creating those type of looks!) You can use it alone or you can mix in some of the Styling SHAKE IT! Volume Boosting Activator to boost texture and hold.

Being that Im currently rocking a short, blonde bob Im all about creating fun looks with it and these products are kind of making my life. Im sure that I look like a mad scientist in my bathroom every morning when Im mixing everything up to create the look I want, but its so much fun that I dont even care! All I can do is encourage you to test them out for yourselves. You can find BIOMEGA products at aquage.com.

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