Study Shows Women Lose the Most Hair During the Fall

Amanda Elser

Apparently trees aren’t the only things that shed during the fall… A study in the Journal of Dermatology followed 800 healthy women for six years and discovered that they experienced most hair loss during the fall months.

According to the study, only about 90% of your hair is growing at all times, the other 10% is resting between 2-6 months before it falls out completely. The researchers determined that women have the highest percentage of resting hairs in July and they stay that way until they fall out around October.

So if you have a few extra clumps of hair that come out in the shower you now know why, but you should still pay close attention to any extra hair loss that appears out of the ordinary.

“Hair is an incredibly sensitive barometer. It can even forewarn you when there are no other symptoms ofillness,” saidDr Hugh Rushton, from theUniversity of Portsmouth.

[Marie Claire UK]

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