Repairing My Damaged Hair with Avon’s 3D Rescue

Amanda Elser

I have put my hair through a lot. I mean, I spent four years dying it black, which resulted in two years stripping it back to brown, which equaled another two years of blonde highlights which finally resulted in an ombre dye-job with bleached tips. Like I said, it’s been through a lot.

I am constantly on the lookout for a good at home reparative treatment so when I got the opportunity to have my hair styled by Avon international stylist Anthony Barrow with Avon’s new Advance Technique 3D rescue collection I couldn’t refuse.

After a nice shampoo and condition at Cutler Salon with Avon 3D rescue damage repair products, Barrow sat me down to walk me through the repair process. Three days undoes three years of damage.

147334 1318966515 Repairing My Damaged Hair with Avons 3D Rescue

Barrow applied a small dollop of 3D rescue’s Leave-in Treatment to the ends of my hair and slowly worked it throughout. He made sure to brush and comb the product throughout my hair. He noted it is important to take your time on this step because it will make a huge difference down the road.

Without applying any other products, Barrow slowly styled my hair by diffusing it with a blow dryer. Gently curling a few pieces to frame my head, my hair already felt more curly, softer and shinier than it did before. I can’t wait to see what it is like after a few more days of use!

147336 1318966543 Repairing My Damaged Hair with Avons 3D Rescue

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