Rashida Jones Joins with Dove, Talks Orange Hair Disasters

Rachel Adler

Rashida Jones, the witty actress you may know from her movie roles (The Social Network, I Love You Man) and stints on TV’s The Office andParks & Recreation, has teamed up with Dove for their latest campaign, “Make Friends With Your Hair.” Jones stars in various commercials for the campaign inviting women to share their most unpredictable hair stories in the hopes of helping them end the frustrations of unmanageable hair — or better yet, those days where your hair has a mind of its own.

The “Make Friends With Your Hair” campaign will allow for real women to create a 90-second video sharing their own hair story, and then three finalists will win a VIP trip to New York and a hair transformation by celebrity stylist Mark Townsend. (Head to Facebook.com/Dove for more information on the contest!)

I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Jones about her personal experiences with bad hair days, what she had coming up in the future, and why she loves chocolate colored nail polish so much. Read on for more!

Can you start by telling me about your campaign with Dove and what you’re doing together?

We made these wonderful, funny little commercials to demonstrate how I personally feel about the fact that I’m trying to be friends with my own hair. My hair is sometimes unpredictable and frizzy and dry, which is the way a lot of women feel about their hair. So the commercials are me battling the elements, trying to figure out what the best way is to control my hair, which has a mind of its own. In doing that, we’re trying to invite women to do the same and go to dovehair.com/friends and submit their own videos and come up with creative ways to tell the story of how they are trying to make friends with their hair. There’s a possibility that they could be a finalist and maybe have their own Dove commercial.

That’s really cool, I really like the idea! What’s your worst hair disaster story?

There’s so many, it’s really hard to choose. I’ve had a few. I dyed my hair by myself in the communal shower in college. I was trying to go blonde and it came out like, a carrot orange because I have red undertones — didn’t know that at the time. It was bad.

Did you go and get it fixed?

By a professional? I didn’t. It was college, I was lazy. I let it grow out. The whole thing was like, a year-long disaster. My sister always says that you should have the hair color you had when you were a kid. Try to emulate that. I’ve done that a couple of times, but I would probably go and have a professional do it.

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What are your hair tricks when you’re having a bad hair day?

In the commercial, I stick a bag over my head. I try not to do that, but I don’t have very good tricks. I’m not proficient with scarves or headbands. Now and then a hat will come out. But I think the thing to do is be preventative — like the oil that’s in this line is good to put on before I go out because it’s a guard for the rest of the day, so I don’t have to think about it. Even if it starts raining, my hair’s not going to freak out. But disaster and unpredictability do happen so — hats!

What do you tend to go toward when you shop? Do you end up heading toward low-end or high-end products or do you always stick to your favorites?

I go to things that work. There’s so many products, it’s hard to choose. For the most part if somebody else uses something on me well — and I’m in a good position because I get my hair and makeup done all the time — I will generally take their suggestion. Especially with makeup. I feel like there’s so many good things in the pharmacy that you can get, and then there’s beautiful high-end products. So it’s nice to mix the two.

So what are your five favorite products that you always have on you?

I always have that Maybelline Great Lash, that pink mascara is so good. It’s a classic. I just started using this Hourglass Liquid eyeliner. It’s so awesome. Super thin, so good. Love that. I have a NARS under-eye concealer in two slightly different shades, and then I have a YSL lip gloss, volumous or something. That was my duty-free purchase, because I was doing a movie in Canada and I would go to Canada every week for eight weeks, so every time I went I bought that. Now I’m stocked for life! I also love Tarte blush.

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What tricks have you learned from being on-set and always having your hair and makeup done?

I would say with the hair, it’s all about prep. What you do before your hair is blown out is a big thing. There’s a nice Nourishing Oil Leave-in Cream in the Dove line that’s not too heavy. There’s almond oil in it, which is good for me because my hair is fine, so I can’t really put a heavy cream in it. I just put a tiny drop of that before I go into a blow dry. I used to just blow dry it as a kid and not understand why my hair looked so bad! Then, I would say with makeup, kind of the same thing with prep, you know? Primer, moisturizing — I like things that illuminate the skin, I like highlighters. Josie Maran has this shimmery highlighter or something, and I don’t have cheekbones so I put it on right here [motioning along her cheekbones] for fake cheekbones.

I feel like highlighter is something we never really learn about until you go on set or a makeup artist tells you! Since your hair is always being styled and put under hot tools and things like that, do you have a treatment process? What do you do to revive it?

There’s got to be a deep conditioning once a week. The Dove Nourishing Oil Care Deep Conditioner is awesome, and it smells so good too. It’s like springtime. One of my friends bought it just because they smelled it and they really liked the smell!

Now that we’re moving into fall weather, do you have any fall hair or makeup trends that you’re really looking forward to try out?

The only thing I could apply to this is nail color, because that’s the only thing I really change seasonally, since I live in LA. Like last year, it was a lot of grey and putty colors. Now I might go into some more browns, purplish-browns this year. Chocolates. I’m into the chocolates.

And finally, what exciting projects do you have coming up?

Parks and Recreation starts again on Thursday. I’m in a movie coming out October 14th called The Big Year with Jack Black and Owen Wilson and Steve Martin, and I’m in The Muppets which opens on November 23rd, before Thanksgiving.

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