Product Obsession: Rita Hazan Root Concealer

Rachel Adler

I have talked about my addiction with hair color many times, and lets just say it has not waned. When I see roots, I color. I may even imagine that I see roots, and I head right on over to a stylist’s chair. And while I know it’s not the healthiest of addictions I also know it could be a lot worse.

Last night, much to my (and many other beauty editors and bloggers) delight hairstylist Rita Hazan introduced us to her very first product, which took her four years of creation, testing and re-testing to produce. The Rita Hazan Root Concealer is basically a miracle in a can meant to eliminate those pesky root issues for those struggling with grays. You know what we’re talking about that 1/2 inch of root that grows in just a couple weeks after you’ve left the salon. Now there finally may be a solution for hiding them yourself. The product comes in four colors: Dark Brown/Black, Light Brown, Blonde and Red.

The formula is sprayed lightly onto the root, given a few minutes to dry, and stays all day. It won’t come off until you shampoo! We also questioned Hazan about the color running (say on a sweaty day) and they had even put that to a test during a spinning class, without any drips. I tested the product myself and while it is a bit unusual at first (it’s like a can of hairspray, but you’re filling in your roots with it so Rita recommends spraying it into the air first so you understand how the spray feels). It works on all hair types, but do keep in mind that this product was created with the gray haired ladies in mind. Coming up next (with an estimated August launch) will be a new line meant to conceal those pesky darker roots, for anyone who has gone blonde but is naturally a brunette.

Rita Hazan Root Concealer, $24,

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