Pantene Revamps Campaign With Eva Mendes & Naomi Watts

Rachel Adler

Pantene has tapped Naomi Watts and Eva Mendes as the faces of their campaign, in an effort to connect with their audiences and keep the brand relevant. The actresses will be sharing their hair secrets in TV and print campaigns which will be airing throughout July and August.

According to WWD, working with actresses was a strategic move. Julie Marchant-Houle, marketing director, North America Retail Hair and managing director, Global Fekkai, said that people find actresses more approachable than models. “The days of wondering what [an actress’] beauty secrets are, are gone. They talk about their beauty challenges and their beauty secrets nonstop. They can tell real stories, they are much more relatable.”

The brand has worked with Stacy London (TLC’s What Not to Wear fashion expert) in the past for TV campaigns. London will still be working with the brand but in different formats. Pantene ads have also recently featured actresses such as Padma Laskhmi and Shay Mitchell.

As for the reasoning behind choosing Mendes and Watts as the new faces of the campaign, Marchant-Houle noted that Mendes tested among women as a “strong-willed woman” and will represent Pantene’s Breakage to Strength Collection. Watts on the other hand, who speaks out about her fine hair, represents the Flat to Volume collection.

Pantene will also be amping up their social media platforms in the future, using real woman (Pantene scientists) to appeal to consumers and help them see the faces behind the brand.

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