Lady Gaga Is Using Rogaine To Cure Excessive Hair Damage

Rachel Adler

Lady Gaga is not known for being kind to her hair – if the natural brunette is known for one thing it’s that she is experimental. When she’s not trying on turquoise, blonde, and black and blonde wigs she’s most likely dying her hair various colors – and apparently paying the price for it.

According to The Sun (so take this with a grain of salt of course) a source told the paper that “Over the years Lady Gaga has put her locks under a lot of stress. She’s poured so much chemicals over them that it’s damaged her follicles. She’s hoping by using Rogaine, she can repair some of the harm.”

As most of us know, Rogaine is used to stimulate hair growth and to slow the balding process. Gaga has spoken out before about the effects of dying her hair, and how it has caused her to shed some strands and has left her with some serious chemical damage. Perhaps this is the reasoning behind all of those wigs?

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