Katie Holmes’ John Frieda Short Film Debuts, Birds And All

Rachel Adler

120196 13008838212 Katie Holmes John Frieda Short Film Debuts, Birds And All

The short film starring Katie Holmes and John Frieda’s latest at-home hair dye, Precision Foam Hair Color debuted last night. Holmes plays the role of character Joan Hudson who is “cheating” on her longtime stylist.

Throughout the film she is seemingly toying with the decision to use the DIY dye and is often seen watching the news announcement of the stylist/client split, toting around a yellow canary, and being caught by security for carrying hair dye. Unrealistic, yes. But sort of cute and entertaining. And it’s nice to see Holmes in a carefree and fun role again.

Yea, I said it. Visit the John Frieda Facebook page to watch the full video: facebook.com/whatsinthebag

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