Hurricane Hair: Serious Attempts For Battling the Elements

Rachel Adler

Alright, so apparently the East coast didn’t have enough of the weird weather with this whole earthquake thing, so we’re going to have a visit from a hurricane this weekend too. Which is fine, we may as well bang them out in the same week, get it all over with and return to our merry little ways.

But, considering it’s the weekend and we tend to socialize a bit more, we don’t need some girl named Irene messing with our style. So, below are a few ideas to keep your hair intact – just in case all hell breaks loose.

The Top Knot

140417 1314288646 Hurricane Hair: Serious Attempts For Battling the Elements

You cannot go wrong with a top knot. This style is supposed to look disheveled and have a few hairs out of place, so this is a great go-to for a rainy day. Especially a windy, rainy day. Obviously only try this if your hair is long enough though, otherwise you’ll be relying on a LOT of bobby pins and the wind will wreak havoc on it. Sass & Bide took things to the next level with a braided top knot, braiding the hair up the back before forming the knot at the top – extra secure!

Side Braid

140416 1314288643 Hurricane Hair: Serious Attempts For Battling the Elements

Another obvious go-to for a frizzy, rainy, windy day. This will pull your hair back and out of your face and hide the fact that frizz has probably taken over your life. It’s also undeniably in right now and forever.

The Twist

140415 1314288640 Hurricane Hair: Serious Attempts For Battling the Elements

If you have shorter hair, or just want to try something new, twist your hair off your face. This can be done in many different variations so have fun with it. Tightly wind your hair back away from the face and secure with bobby pins, finishing with a strong hold hairspray like L’Oreal Paris Studio Line Mega Hairspray.

For more ideas, visit L’Oreal Paris’ new site, Your Style. Your Studio which suggests hairstyles for your hair type!

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